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Tokyo Marathon 2019

On Sunday 3rd March,  Hampton Knight’s sales consultant Mike Wakeham, joined 37,500 runners to take on the 26.2 mile Tokoyo Marathon across the iconic city. The race commenced at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Offices then passed by magnificent landmarks such as the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, finishing at the Imperial Palace!

The first Tokyo Marathon was held on 18 February 2007. However, years prior to 2007, Tokyo Marathon actually consisted of two marathons – the Tokyo International Marathon which took place on even years, and Tokyo – New York Friendship International Marathon which took place on odd years. In the inaugural year, 1981, both marathons took place. However, because it was not possible to support two marathons a month apart in the same city, from 1982, the alternating format went into effect.

Congratulations to Mike, on completing the Tokyo Marathon alongside his dad Chris. The pair completed the course in 4hrs 29mins, such an amazing achievement!  

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