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Should you test your workforce?

While there may be some debate regarding the positive effects of introducing testing in the workplace, the negative effects of the impairment of alcohol and drug use cannot be disputed.

On its own, a testing programme will not solve the issue of alcohol and drug misuse, it should be part of an overall programme, supported by a robust policy, on-going awareness and a support programme for employees who seek help with a dependency.

By not having a policy in place you are putting your organisations and your employees at risk.

5 reasons why you should have testing in the workplace

1.Supporting an employee with a dependency

An employee with a dependency is more likely to seek help at an earlier stage rather than waiting until they are tested. Being able to deal with the issue proactively rather than re-actively can lead to better help and care of your employee. Some employees who have been supported for an alcohol or drug dependency have admitted that without the deterrent of testing as part of their support programme they would have relapsed.

2.Safer workplace

If an employee is working with a colleague who comes to work impaired due to the use of alcohol and drugs and testing is not included in the policy, they know that managers are less likely to deal with the issue and as a consequence, this affects their own work and morale. Employees are more likely to inform the company if a colleague is impaired at work as they know their concern will be actioned rather than ignored.

3.Boost productivity

There are some employees who think taking cocaine boosts their productivity, but they are kidding themselves. Any drug that affects the chemical balance of the brain to an extent that it impairs the employee means they will not perform efficiently or safely at work.  Companies who have introduced testing and used it as part of an incident investigation have seen the number of incidents reducing.

4.Health benefits 

As we know the health benefits to moderate alcohol consumption and not misusing drugs will have a positive health benefit for employees and those they work with. 

5.No blurred lines

Without testing, there is a grey area for managers to determine if an employee is impaired at work. Testing provides evidence to assist in the disciplinary investigation procedure and help managers make an informed decision rather than an assumption.

For more information or on what testing methods would suit your organisations or any other policy queries, please contact Hampton Knight on 01827 65999 


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